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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Yesterday morning I realized that somehow my camera lens on my Google Pixel 2 XL had been broke. No idea how. I have insurance on my devices, so of course I called Verizon to get it fixed. If it would have been the front screen, it would have been only $29 to fix. I was told, because it was on the back, the only option was replacing the device for $200 deductable. I paid less that $200 for the phone to begin with. I called Google to see if they had someone close that could do it cheaper. The closeted city was Muncie and they wanted to charge me $79 to replace the whole upper part of the back of the phone. I had looked earlier on Amazon and the replacement lens use only $5.50. Luckily I went down to Motivated Wireless and talked to Bryan. He didn't have the part, but I asked him if I bought the part if he could fix it, he said sure. Long story short, Bryan fix my phone in about an hour for $20. If you live in Huntington area, you should definitely give him a call. Thanks Bryan!


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