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Monday, March 4, 2019

How I Quit Cable

-G Shannon Davisson

About two years ago, after our special offer expired with Dish Network, our bill climbed over a hundred. It was time to cut the cord. I tried them all, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live, Philo TV, FuboTV and all the rest. All were missing locals.What did I finally go with? I had to use a couple to get everything. I went with Sling TV and Plex. Sling TV recently added TLC, Discovery, and the Science Channel. So with Sling TV, I had everything but locals. That where Plex comes into the picture. Plex is a great service and is only $5 a month and if you're running the beta you can even cut the commercials out all together. The only issue is you either need a computer or NAS storage on your network. If you get that figured out, you're set. You could also get an AirTV. It will cost you about $120, but then there's on monthly fee.

What I pay

$40 for SlingTV (Blue package with 4 extra for $10 plus $5 for the DVR). Then $5 for Plex.

Others to consider

YouTube TV which now has local just about everything and Philo. Together you get everything with a couple channels on both services. The down side is you have to switch between both to see all you channels. The upset is they both have unlimited DVR. YouTube TV will cost you $40 and Philo will run you $16. Together you'll be paying $56 a month. Still half as much as traditional cable or Satellite.

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